Wigs disguises and wig reveals in movies

Wigs disguises and wig reveals in movies

Wigs are not just used from the actors to disguise into a character, but sometimes from the characters themselves to change their look or identity in the movie, following the plot, achieving another appearence.

Here follows a brief list of movies with wig disuises.

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List of movies with wig disguises or wig reveals.
Movie Name timecode comment IMDB Link YouTube Link
21 01h.41'.50'' 21
All In The Family S04E11 “Black Is the Color of My True Love's Wig”
All About Eve 00h.29'.25'' All About Eve
Angel'S Dance Angel'S Dance
Assassination 00h.03'.50'' Assassination
Bandits 00h.03'.50'' Bandits
Benedetti dal Signore 00h.34'.40'' S01E04 Benedetti dal Signore
Black Scorpion Black Scorpion
Black.Mask 00h.38'.00'' Black.Mask
Blonde Ambition 01h.14'.40'' Blonde Ambition
Blow Dry 00h.20'.30'' more at 0.39.20 Blow Dry
Body Snatch 00h.03'.00'' Body Snatch
Boulevard 00h.50'.41'' Boulevard
Buffy S2E06
Carrie 02h.10'.00'' Carrie
Circus 00h.17'.25'' Circus
Cléo de 5 à 7 00h.41'.20'' Cléo de 5 à 7
Col Cuore In Gola Col Cuore In Gola
Columbo S8E02 Columbo
Columbo S8E03 Columbo
Compartiment Tueurs 00h.45'.00'' Compartiment Tueurs
Coyote.Run 00h.13'.00'' more at 0.29.30, 1.37.00 Coyote.Run
Cuori Al Verde Cuori Al Verde
Cut Cut
Cypher Cypher
Danger Diabolik Danger Diabolik
Diff'rent Strokes  S04E20 Diff'rent Strokes 
Family Plot Family Plot
Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura 00h.50'.30'' Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura
Happy birthday to me 01h.39'.50'' Happy birthday to me
Mary Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots
Mistress 00h.32'.00'' Mistress
Peccati di gioventù Peccati di gioventù
Suburban Commando Suburban Commando
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge
The Couch Trip  01h.07'.25'' The Couch Trip 
Ti piace Hitchcock ? Ti piace Hitchcock ?
Yours, Mine and Ours Yours, Mine and Ours

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